Graphic Organizers for Learning Difficulties

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Why are graphic organizers important for students with learning difficulties?

Graphic organizers are important for students with learning difficulties

and also for students without them because:

  • they provide an instant visual source of information. Visual information is far easier to remember, therefore the most reliable. When we look at a picture, infographic, visual material, we see a lot at an instance.
  • students create documents which help them memorize the subject, learn words, memorize words in context, and learn to write. Hence this fact encourages and exercises creativity. 
  • people usually learn to write neatly because writing into graphic organizers must sometimes be smaller and fit into small spaces. This fact forces the brain to concentrate on writing and we write more slowly and thus neatly. 
  • a picture can be more memorable than words. Especially to children will remember a picture more easily, because they are used to pictures from birth to when they come across words at school. Coming across words is often what confuses their brains.  So when people organize writing in a graphic organizer, they will more likely remember the sections of each topic as pictures.  Adults also hanker pictures!  We live in the most visual era of all times!
  • as words are two-dimensional [which is exactly what can confuse the brain], a graphic organizer adds the perception of three dimensions. The third dimension makes it easier for the brain to handle.
  • since paragraphs of words can give an overwhelming / chaotic impression, graphic organizers will chunk the piles of words into manageable bits. And they will be easier to take in.
  • the sheer fact that students create the graphic organizer will make them remember what they created. When we do something, we remember it. When we see something, we remember it, but not as well as we will if we did it.
Would you like more information on graphic organizers or helping students with(out) learning difficulties with the tools of NLP? Let’s start a conversation. 

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