NLP for Difficulties with Handwriting

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Here’s a case of difficulties with handwriting.  The man who contacted me said this verbatim:

I’m an engineering student.  Til class 8 I used to write with my right hand, but I don’t know what happened to me and I started facing problems in writing. After trying a lot I was not able to regain my handwriting and faced problems in letters a. s, and others.  Eventually I was not even able to write ‘0’ properly. So I started writing with my left hand.  I practiced a lot and it went fine for a few years.  But from last year the same problem started arising in my left hand too.  Now I’m very depressed and tense about my future.  I can’t understand why this thing happens with writing only.  It works fine for every other thing I do.  I even went to a psychiatrist.  But he said there was no problem.  Please help me.

And here’s how I worked with him:  Read the rest of this entry »